Doctor’s serve the people wholeheartedly

If God has created a god in the world from your doctor, these are the people who are responsible for helping the masses to get rid of that disease, is one of the noblest tasks in the whole word. In today's high-level change, when thousands of new diseases have appeared and when the health of people in situations of high stakes fast emergency should be handled in the most professional manner. Only a well trained team of professionals can handle emergencies, as in the case of panic and chaos when a person near and dear to shatter the responsibility of medical staff to provide moral and logical. As in those crucial hours just need support.

Dr. Cliff Merchant believed to serve the people wholeheartedly, for it is their duty above all else, and in an emergency is available all day, he personally makes sure that every patient is treated with special care through her, as Dr. Cliff Merchant  two parameters has never adopted in practice is a visionary person not distinct persons in the category on the basis of power, not materialistic. But despite their efforts to help people that some people have and are still trying to catch up now Dr. Cliff trader on false accusations. Dr. Cliff is accused of serious charges such as child abuse, and abuse of patients, both verbally and physically, but if you look at his record speak the native people of Alaska will tell the real story.

There was one case with Dr.Cliff Merchant where a young child faces cut medical complications Merchant Dr. treated children and after her son was in treatment conditions, Dr. Cliff has not yet asked for his share of advice from the child's parents, but despite all his good actions as commercial Cliff was the state received A child has the legal status of parents has been impulsive and irresponsible in the treatment of children and more, also said Cliff Merchant abused child and his parents physically and verbally stand. Once the matter was brought to the court that the allegations were false and man who tried to play with Dr. Cliff Merchant MD was sentenced to prison, but the nobleman asked the court to relieve the man and reached a commitment.

The fist and most important people is counteracted by the patient is a nurse, nurses' work is more responsible because it has not only patient care but there are also attending. For emergency special nurses are recruited to these nurses are certified to the CEN is, a special certificate that the person who has this certificate is quite capable in handling emergency medical cases. During the treatment phase attendants of the patients are concerned about what is happening with near and dear ones there once again is the work of these nurses to ease the audience into believing that this will be fine and be loved in good health before.

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